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Mark Foote
Post title: "The true person, breathing to their heels"
(Mar 31 2012 at 12:40 PM)

Here's the description Gautama the Buddha gave of the practice I am calling "waking up and falling asleep":

"(Anyone) knowing and seeing eye as it really is, knowing and seeing material shapes, visual consciousness, impact on the eye as it really is, and knowing, seeing as it really is the experience, whether pleasant, painful, or neither painful nor pleasant, that arises conditioned by impact on the eye, is not attached to the eye nor to material shapes nor to visual consciousness nor to imp

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Mark Foote
Post title: Sitting in the Full Lotus (comment, "The Tao Bums")
(Mar 26 2012 at 08:47 AM)

You can always sit half-lotus, or Burmese, meaning legs flat on the floor crossed in front. The movement of mind opens feeling, so long as you do nothing. The opening of feeling generates activity. I'm talking about the ability to feel, like when they run a pin down your leg to determine if vertebrae are pinching nerves in the lower spine; if your skin is numb in an area on the legs, there are charts to correlate that area with nerve exits between particular spinal vertebrae. So look for the mov

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Mark Foote
Post title: The "Intellectual Practice" (comment on Warner's Hardcore Zen blog)
(Mar 25 2012 at 11:54 AM)

Fred said...

"put aside
the intellectual practice
of investigating words
and chasing phrases,
and learn to take

the backward step
that turns the light
and shines it inward."

(Dogen's "Fukanzazengi")

Maybe Fred is here (on a blog, engaging in "the intellectual practice") because there is a potential for something like this:  I write words about waking up and falling asleep

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