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I have learned to be very cautious when anyone says to do something, and especially with regard to the breathing. My preference is instruction that describes reality and emphasizes self-surrender, not because an intentional approach is wrong (can't get away from it, really), but just because what I needed to learn myself was how to let it all fall together. Relearn the way I hold myself upright, the way I set mindfulness in front, from the inside out. I never was any good at intuitive mathmatics

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Here are some lines from the Stanford project (at zazen shin), translating Dogen's words, and here Dogen continues the story about polishing a tile:

Daji said, "How can you produce a mirror by polishing a tile?"
Nanyue replied, "How can you make a buddha by sitting in meditation (zazen)?"
Daji asked, "Then, what is right?"
Nanyue replied, "When someone is

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Mark Foote
Post title: is enlightenment obtained with the body, or the mind (from Tao Bums)
(Jan 29 2010 at 01:34 PM)

well, here's a quote from Dogen, just to stir things up:

When we let go of our minds and cast aside our views and understandings the Way will be actualized. One sage clarified True Mind (Reality) when he saw peach blossoms and another realized the Way when he heard the sound of tile hitting a bamboo. They attained the way through their bodies. Therefore, when we completely cast aside our thoughts and views and practice shikantaza, we will become intimate with the way. This is why I encourage

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