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Clear Lake before the stormMy only success in these matters has come as a result of the study of Western science, yet I will be the first to confess that what matters most to me is the relinquishment of habitual activity, conscious or unconscious, in the movement of breath.

With the accent on relaxation, freeing the direction of mind, and the experience of cessation, I do expe

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This morning it occurs to me that I wasn't very clear, about reverse breathing.

I believe it's based on this:
ilio-lumbar ligaments

In a bent-knee posture, the spine is supported by the horizontal ilio-lumbar ligaments in exhalation, and by the vertical ilio-lumbar ligaments in inhalation. When support is realized relative to the direction of breath, the abdomen moves slightly outward on exhalation, and slightly inward on inhalati

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Mark Foote
Post title: Comment on "Rotating the Lower Dan Tien", on Dao Bums
(Mar 14 2017 at 09:59 PM)

Sunrise before the stormWhat I see is that there are two mechanisms of support for the lower spine, one in the displacement of the fascia immediately behind the sacrum (by the mass of the extensors pressing rearward as they contract, usually in a natural alternation), and another in the displacement of the fascia behind the lower spine by pressure from the "fluid ball" of the abdomen (the te

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