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Mark Foote
Post title: Soto Zen and the Left Knee (Comment in Reply from
(Jan 9 2014 at 04:08 PM)

You may have a problem taking me seriously because I don't have lineage. So far I don't feel I'm up to pursuing it; I'm still working on my lotus. Hopefully you won't dismiss my remarks simply because after 40 years I have found a way to sit the lotus, and you have decided that it has cost you the health of your knees to try and that it's unnecessary.

Right, I agree it's unnecessary. However, a posture that requires stretch is necessary. Sitting in a chair works, if you sit forward on the cha

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Mark Foote
Post title: Research on the Sense of Self
(Dec 7 2013 at 01:16 PM)

I'd like to offer some excerpts from Olaf Blanke's article on his medical research into out-of-body experience (also known as autoscopic phenomena, or AP- variants include AH or autoscopic hallucination, HAS or heautoscopy, and OBE or out-of-body):

"Several authors have also highlighted the role of pro

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Mark Foote
Post title: Mind, Having No Fixed Abode, Should Flow Forth
(Nov 27 2013 at 11:02 AM)

I'd like to correct myself: the passage the Sixth Patriarch heard that day in the marketplace was from the Diamond Sutra, not the Lankavatara Sutra.

I'm told now that the passage was this:

"Mind, having no fixed abode, should flow forth." (Bassui)

Here's what I can say about that: if I lose pitch, yaw, and roll where my mind is, my toss misses the garbage can, my food ends up in my lap, and I clank the pots and pans as I wash them.

I can look for pitch, yaw, and roll where my

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